An Ongoing Mixed-Media Series

Isn't That Sweet? (Identity)

'Isn't That Sweet? (Identity)', 2022, Mixed Media Painting, 9x12 inches Available

We Are OK

'We Are OK,' 2021, Mixed Media Painting, 8.25x11.5 Inches Available

Not For You (Expectations)

'Not For You (Expectations),' 2021, Mixed-media and watercolor painting, 12x16 inches Available

What is Mine_

Whats Mine (Autonomy), 2021, Mixed Media Painting, 24x48 inches Available

Belly Laughs!

Belly Laughs, 2021, Mixed Media Painting 12x16 inches Available

Speak Up

You're Gonna Have To Speak Up (Resilience), 2021, Mixed Media Painting, 12x15 inches Available


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