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The Inspiration Project


2020 was a rough year. We had seen social injustices laid bare, the grief of a global pandemic that changed and took lives, and the visible hate that has had newfound amplification. We had our empathy and hopes for a new year tested.  


In January 2021, I decided to find a way to focus on positivity and good people that have helped to create beautiful change.  With my brush as my tool and voice, I began to create a new portrait every day to share some incredible contributions by the best of us. 

Select original paintings and prints from this collection are available in my shop.

*100-ish days.  Probably more like 105. 

** If you find incorrect information, broken links, or typos below, please let me know via my contact page.

For sales inquiries, email or call 815 236 - 3828.


Some of the individuals included have been quite controversial in some actions or words at different times.  These are real human beings that exist or have existed, not caricatures of human ideals. I intend to lift the good that they do (or have done) and to remind us that anyone, REAL PEOPLE, YOU & I... can make a difference in some way.  Thanks for your consideration!

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