The Inspiration Project


At the beginning of January 2021, dreams for a brighter year were quickly obliterated.  Those of us who have been struggling with the social injustices laid bare most especially in 2020, the grief of a global pandemic that changed and lost lives, and the incredibly visible hate that has newfound amplification in our society, have had our empathy and hopes for a new year tested.  


I wanted to do something to shine a light on the good and positive voices that have helped to create beautiful change in both the past and present in our world.  With my brush as my tool, my voice, and my weapon, I began to create a new portrait every day to share the incredible contributions of the best of us. I want to give pause in our unending doom-scrolling to remember we are on an upward trajectory, no matter how many hiccups and bumps we experience along the way.

The more we amplify the voices of positive change, the stronger we can be as a whole.  The artwork below is my attempt to contribute to this cause and to help us find our way and forge new paths towards a better future for all.

*100-ish days.  Probably more like 105.  I accept my human faults and do the best I can.  

** If you find incorrect information, broken links, or typos in the information below, please do let me know via my contact page.  I will do my best to maintain correct information on this page.


I feel the need to add a bit of a disclaimer about the choices I've made of my subject matter for this project.  I've had folks point out to me things done or said by certain individuals in their lives that were unbecoming, at the least, and I'm aware of some of these things from research I've done as well.  Some have been quite controversial or even awful in their actions at times.  These are real human beings that exist or have existed.  They are not caricatures of human ideals, they are as flawed as any of us.  I know this, and I chose to include them anyway.  I intend to lift the good that they do (or have done) and to remind us that anyone, REAL PEOPLE, YOU & I... can make a difference in some way.

 Thanks for your consideration!