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A Mixed-Media Mini-Series

The heart, the uterus, and the brain. Where does my value lie? All three pieces were created on a base of collaged scraps of articles talking about depression and anxiety, assault, purity culture, and PCP’s along with acrylic paint and gesso. I started this series with questions in my mind about how our worth is defined, especially as women, women-identifying, and uterus-bearing humans. Is our worth in our society based on our ability or desire to produce children? How well do we bear heartbreak and mistreatment? How well do we contort ourselves into somebody else’s expectations and judgments?


Heart, 2021, Collage, Gesso and Acrylic, 11x14 inches


Uterus, 2021, Collage, Gesso and Acrylic, 12x12 inches


Brain, 2021, Collage, Gesso and Acrylic, 11x14 inches Private Collection

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