Lynell Ingram is a Chicagoland watercolor and mixed-media artist who has come to believe that the best use of her artistic skills is to both inspire and open doors to discussions about humanity, mental health, and women's rights.

Lynell received a BFA in Illustration from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design after which she worked as a graphic artist. After years of working in design, she decided to make a change and reach out into the world with her own voice.  Since then she has been teaching herself unconventional ways to paint with watercolors and exploring media that wasn’t taught with a design background.  


With a hope to spark joy and curiosity, lift important purposes, and add a little extra dose of color into the world, Lynell is a media experimenter, a life-long learner, a believer in passion, and a bit of a creative madwoman. 


As a visual artist, all of my work spawns from my inner chaos.  I search for meaning, hope, resolution, and catharsis in the marks that I make.  My subject matter stems from the search for these ideals in regards to issues of equality, specifically in women’s rights, mental healthcare and stigmas, and ultimately believing there must be a path for a better world for all.  

Exploring dichotomies is very important to my work, and this manifests not only in the subject matter but in my medium choices as well.  I offset soft, representative watercolor figures and portraits against graphic collage, colorful line work, and color fields to explore turmoils hidden behind visages of composure, resilience, and cultural expectations.

Experimenting with media, and combining the unexpected motivates everything that I create.  I embrace visual mayhem over minimalism, as I believe it is the reality of our existence.


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